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  • Ace Playfield is the modern, fresh, and fun destination for personalized kids wear. We are a family business creating playful and customizable apparel from a minimalistic, refreshingly clean point of view.

    The idea for Ace Playfield originated from a desire to give an innovative and heartfelt gift. Our friend, Carter, was turning 2 years old (!) and we struggled to find a gift that expressed the excitement we felt for this little guy's big milestone. Purchasing a generic gift seen time and time again seemed too impersonal and stale. That's when Gibran, Creative Director of Alial Fital, using his creativity, ingenuity and resources composed the idea of creating personalized sweatshirts for Carter and his friend (& our son), Pendleton.

    Carter's sweatshirt read:
    "Pendleton is my homie"
    Pendleton's sweatshirt read:
    "Carter is my homie."

    We excitedly wrapped up Carter's sweatshirt, dressed Pendleton in his and headed off with anticipation to celebrate Carter's birthday. We found so much joy in giving; Carter (and his fashion forward parents) loved his gift! Our son was quickly calling Carter his homie and the two boys were excited to wear their sweatshirts every time they played together. In turn, we were eager to create more personalized shirts for our son!

    That's when we looked at each other and said - we should do this! Using our modern design aesthetic, we'd create fresh, fun, and playful themes which will then be personalized for each child. Excitedly, the first few designs were developed and sketched at our kitchen table that evening. Since then, much thought and work to develop and launch Ace Playfield has been invested.... an ample amount of which takes place at our same kitchen table.


    We are inspired by all things fresh, fun and playful; principles which guide all aspects of our product and service development at Ace Playfield.

    Our clean and fun themes blur the boundaries of style between conventional children and adult design - playful and simply modern.